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Tropical Leaves

Digital Heritage Project

This collaborative project is a digital heritage exhibit piece created for the Edward Worth Library in Dublin 8 presenting a visual narrative to allow digital visitors of the library to explore and learn about what the library has to offer!

Our inspired 'Garden of Eden' focuses on the botanical section the E.W Library has to offer and creates an immersive experience for any  website visitors! 

Digital Heritage Mood Board
Digital Heritage B&W Mood Board

We are creating an immersive digital botanic garden linked to the Edward Worth Library. In this garden you will experience each season within its own segment represented by the blooms and growth of that season. This idea was inspired by the book Hortus Eystettensis from the library itself in which the eight terraced garden of the Prince Bishop of Eichstätt is documented. We were enraptured by the intricate etchings and botanical prints that filled its pages and wanted to bring it to life, make it more tangible! Below is our design and art direction process from our journey through this project.

Art Direction Boards

Organising the Narrative

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